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Relocating to a new home or apartment unit is a busy and exciting time. There are many things to organize and a ‘to-do’ list to complete. All these tasks can be daunting. Adding to the that is unpacking your belongings and organizing your new home to give it a personality.

Due to this preoccupation, we often overlook an important task that we should do first and that is rekeying your locks. Having your locks rekeyed is a safety measure to protect yourself and your property. When you moved in, you don’t know who else has copies of the keys to these properties.

Locksmith Connells Point

Just to be clear, rekeying is not changing the locks altogether, you are not replacing them. The only thing that locksmith Connells Point does is to change the combination of the existing locks in your properties and provide you with a brand new key that no one else does have. This is also not expensive at all but is definitely a security solution.

If you need 24 hour locksmith Connells Point for rekeying or you want an expert advice from our Locksmith, you can give us a call, we are ready to help you.

Got Too Many Keys

Having a keyring filled with too many keys is a common problem. Did you know that you can simplify your lock security and have your locks combination hanged? The solution is just one key that fits them all. Clockwork Locks can provide you this service. We change the lock combinations to one keyway, so what you need will only be one key to open them all. Our expert locksmith Connells Point can help you reorganize your lock security and convert them to keying to just one or two keys. A simple and easy solution to get rid of too many keys.

Renovating, Renting or Reorganizing

Owning a house or a business is taxing. It requires maintenance and upkeep. We all know that owning a property is a continuing event as they always need replacements or repairs. The same is true for your property’s locking system. Whether your lock no longer has keys, or you lost the keys, needs repairs or simply worn out due to wear, you will need a reliable locksmith to do the job.

Our team at Clockwork Locks in Connells Point are highly professional and has an extensive experience in handling residential, commercial, strata and rental locking system and compliance with government codes.

We have a wide array of tools and lock products related to your security. Our professional locksmith can give you advise on your lock requirements and best products to add to the locking mechanism of your new home or business

24-Hour Emergency Locksmith Services in Connells Point

We are available 24/7 to receive your calls for any situation that may arise, be it your car, your home or business. Our emergency locksmith Connells Point are available whatever your need might be. Wherever you are around Connells Point, regardless of time or day, just give us a call and we will at your door.

Whatever locksmith service you need, Clockwork Locks can provide. Our services:

  • Lock installation & repair
  • Lock opening and changing
  • Rekey specialists
  • Key duplication and creation
  • Home Lockouts
  • Car door unlocking
  • Roadside assistance
  • Master keys
  • Installation of Deadbolts

Because you deserve nothing but the best, the level of quality of the locksmith services we offer is the best in the market. For more information or for locksmith services, call 1800 256 259.

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Lost keys and need locks re-keyed? Need extra security on your premises? Or just need security advice give us a call anytime and speak to licenced locksmith 24 hrs/7days

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  • 24/7 emergency locksmith services
  • All key and locks fitting and supply
  • Expert installations on all types of locks
  • Car and garage remote
  • Cut and program transponder keys
  • Digital entry locks
  • In-shop and mobile key-cutting services
  • Windows and sliding door locks
  • Doorknobs and lever keys
  • Garage roller and tilt door locks
  • Heavy-duty lock bolts and garage locks
  • Mailbox locks and lock installations
  • Screen door security locks
  • Automotive lockout
  • Master keying of locks
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